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Blue Sapphire Fine 9+ Ratti

Neelam Ratna or Blue Saaphire Gemstone For Shani Saadhe Saati:

Neelam Ratna or Blue sapphire gemstone is suggested to wear by an astrologer, if a person suffers from malefic effect of Shani or Saturn such as: Saturn or Shani Saadhe Saati or Mahadasha. As we know Blue Sapphire is gemstone of Saturn which is the strongest planet in gem family. So wearing this stone prevent oneself from getting affected from negative effect of Saturn instead it brings positive effects of Saturn in one's life such as prosperity, protect from malefic effect of shani, quick wealth, wisdom, enhances mental health, peace,analytical skill, concentration power etc. Remember wear this stone only after consulting an astrologer for best results.