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Emerald 5+ Ratti

Benefits of Pure Emerald Gemstone:

Emerald is the gem expressing the constructive, divine and positive powers of Mercury. It is well-known as Pushparagam and Panna in local language. It is believed to progress the economic status of the wearer as well as confer him or her with wealth, good health, name, fame, honour and victory. Emeralds brings wealth to any person who wears it, as a consequence making it one of the most popular and favourable gemstones in the midst of the Navaratnas. In the Indian culture and according to the Hindu mythological believes, Emeralds are well thought-out to be fortunate, peace flourishing and prosperity ensuring and stabilising continuation of the family. One of the Most precious gemstones, Emerald is the gemstone of knowledge, favourable wealth and loving relationships. Panna or Emerald offers general well being and divine knowledge of the wearer. Emerald signifies divine grace.