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Cultured Pearls are real or fake ?

Cultured Pearl is artificially created by planting a core or nucleus into pearl oysters. Today almost all pearls used for jewelery are cultured. They are usually harvested three years after planting, but it can take up to as long as six years before a pearl is produced.

The nucleus is generally a polished bead made from a missel shell. Along with a small scrap of mantle tissue from another oyester to serve as an irritant, it is surgically implanted near the oyster’s genitals. Oysters that survive the subsequent surgery to remove the finished pearl are often implanted with a new, larger nucleus. They are then returned to water for another three years of growth. Because they are still genuine pearls, cultured pearls take many months or even years to form. Although natural pearls are stunning, cultured pearls can be their equals in everything but price. When shopping for pearls, choosing cultured varieties over natural pearls has significant advantages of cost and sustainability.