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Hessonite 11+ Ratti

Remove Malefic Effects of Rahu by Hessonite:

Rahu is a malefic planet by nature. It brings chaos generally, causing difficulties, frustration, anxiety and suffering. It can cause ignorance, enmity and insatiable sensual or worldly desires, robbing those so influenced of the ability to ever feel satisfied. It can indicate infectious disease, unclean or irreligious habits and use of intoxicants. It generally intensifies the effects of any house in which it is situated. When badly positioned, Rahu makes for poor judgement. Those so influenced are usually illogical, insensitive and selfish. It can cause fears and suicidal tendencies Those powerfully under his rays can be swayed by any influences, regardless of the dangers and are usually unpopular, with very few friends. They are generally self destructive and easily lose control of themselves, often ending up in detention or prison. Hessonite is the gemstone recommended for strengthening Rahu. The use of this stone increases creativity and good use of the imagination. It may also serve to increase the level of self confidence and reduce the propensity to be fearful.