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Hessonite 10+ Ratti

Hessonite Gemstone for Successful Career:

Hessonite or Gomed has been used in gem therapy and astrology for a multitude of benefits, one of which is being successful in business or profession. The lustrous gemstone Hessonite can bring wonderful results by appeasing its governing planet Rahu, in case it suits the wearer. Let us study the influence of Rahu on the life of the natives.One of the most powerful planets in astrology is Rahu, which can bring sudden gains and unexpected results for the natives. Hessonite is the gemstone of this planet and is known to do away with its ill effects. Wearing this brilliant gemstone can take you to great heights in career if its suits you. Those in politics and legal fields can benefit from this stone and so can businessmen dealing in poisonous goods, iron ore, gambling, foreign exchange, blankets and woolen goods.