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Hessonite Fine 9+ Ratti

How to test Hessonite Gomed Gemstone ?

Hessonite is perhaps the most widely held and valuable gemstone- of course in arrears to diamond, which is most often favored to be colorless. The true value of this gemstone is reliant upon a combination of attributes what are known as the 4Cs- Cut, Carat, color and Clarity.Color is the most important characteristic of a precious stone. It ought to be a bright intense Honey Brown in case of an Hessonite or Gomed, which is neither too dark and at the same time nor too pale. A poorly cut gemstone will not sparkle nor will it reflect light from the bottom facets. In a perfect cut, light reflects from its every surface. You cannot see through it, you can see only the sparkle. Examine clarity also, however it is not as significant in determining value as the colour is because fissures, or inclusions are certain to be there in natural Hessonites.