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Blue Sapphire Super Premium 9+ Ratti

Differentiate between Synthetic And Natural Blue Sapphire Stone:

Synthetic Blue Sapphire stone is not presumed to be a natural blue sapphire.A synthetic blue sapphire either composed of a piece of glass or with excessive heating performed on blue sapphire stone.A natural stone loses its originality.A synthetic stone is manufactured by some jeweler in order to make quick profit.Synthetic stone are excellent in its luster but it can be easy to recognize that stone is not original though a synthetic one.If it is placed in sun light a person can easily differentiate between natural and synthetic stone.A synthetic stone in sun light will sign excessively.Other point to remember while purchasing blue sapphire stone is to check for any scratch or scar.Though blue sapphire are rigidly hard it is impossible to scratch it.however a synthetic stone is composed of glass it can easily stretchable.One more point while checking the quality of a stone is to look blue sapphire under magnifier it it shows bubbles or something like this so stone is impure.