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Blue Sapphire Super Premium 4+ Ratti

Blue Sapphire Super Premium Stone Specification:

Blue Sapphire Gemstone is composed of Aluminum Oxide (AI 2O3).The specific gravity ranges between 3.99 and 4.00 and the refractive index range is between 1.760-1.768 and 1.770-1.779. The hardness on the Mohs scale is 9. It is the next hardest mineral, diamond being the hardest. Blue Sapphire is so alluring among people due to its dynamic color property, enchanting power, and durability. Blue Sapphire gemstone color varies from light blue to royal blue stone due to iron and chromium.These two mineral are entirely responsible for its dynamic colors. This gemstone can be worn in the form of elegant ring, magnificent necklace and other jewelery forms.