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Cat Eye Fine 13+ Ratti

Harmful Flaws of Cat’s Eye Gemstone:

Cat’s Eye must be worn after the recommendation of an astrologer as per your horoscope. Also it should be certified and tested, A Flawless Certified Cat’s Eye will be able to give all the benefits to the wearer. If in case there are webs, cracks, black sopts in the stone or its apperance is dull , it can cause harmful effects on the life and health of the native.

Wearing a stone with webs can send a person to jail. It is especially important not to use a gem that has dark or black imperfections, as these will bring misfortune. A cracked gem can cause injury. If it is spotted, it can cause problems with enemies. A dull or opaque stone causes bad health. If it has black spots, it can cause death. If it is lusterless, it can cause bad fortune to one`s children. A depression can cause digestion problems.

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