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Cat Eye Fine 9+ Ratti

Cat’s Eye Gemstone for Rings and Jewellery:

The cat’s eye stone, a variety of quartz is a precious stone and it derives its name from its appearance- it looks very similar to a cat’s eye. Just like a cat’s eye, the cat’s eye stone has a characteristic and brilliant beam of light that passes through its centre. From within, the reflections of a cat’s eye stone are lustrous and in all colors of the rainbow. Alternately, a cat’s eye stone can also be identified by its shining band which moves as the stone is turned. When a cat’s eye stone is adorned, it is known to nullify the malefic effects that may result from the evil eye. The use of this stone as rings or jewellery ensures abundance of happiness, wealth and joy in lives of progeny and also prevents the occurrence of accidents. Cat’s eye stone is believed to effectively heal pain in joints and prevents all ailments associated with nerves and anxiety.