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Cat Eye Fine 6+ Ratti

Cat’s Eye Lehsunia Gemstone for Children:

Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia) is the stone of planet “KETU”, the dragon’s tail. KETU is the trunk part of the planet “RAHU”. In Indian astrology, RAHU is said to be a shadow planet. He is the son of “SINHIKA” the daughter of “HIRNYAKASHYAPU”. Wearing a good cat’s eye makes one wealthy, healthy, strongly determined, knowledgeable, and gives good children, happiness in relation to children, and protection from enemies. It will help one gain insight, psychic powers, and can help one have better perception. It is said to help one who practice witchcraft, if one is so inclined. It protects one fromhidden enemies, and keeps one from jail, intoxication, and drowning. Cat’s eye acts quickly and should be worn only after a trial. The benefits of cat's eye (Lehsuniya) stone includes, enhanced wisdom and intellect. It is also known to bring materialistic comforts of life in the form of immense wealth in the wearer's life.