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Cat Eye Fine 10+ Ratti

Meaning of Chatoyancy in Cat’s Eye Gemstone:

The Cat’s Eye is one of the most unique looking gemstones available and comes in many colors and sizes. If you are looking for ornamental jewelry that is unique, mystical looking and fashionable, look into the Cat’s Eye.The dynamic opening and closing of lines that resembles the opening and closing of the eye of a Cat is called as Chatoyancy. It is for this very reason that Cat’s Eye the Gem of the south node of the Moon/ Ketu is also called as Bidalaksha- Literally translated-The eye of a Cat. The Band that open and closes like the eyes of a Cat is called as the Chatoyant Band. The cause of this band is the reflection of light from a multitude of parallel aligned tiny needle like rutile crystal inclusions or tune inclusions. The Sacred Texts are very clear that for Jyotish Purposes to harness the power of Ketu one should use Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl.