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Cat Eye Fine 4+ Ratti

Ketu Mantra for Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia Gemstone:

Vedic Mantra of Ketu is : "Om Kem Ketvey Namah" , the meaning of the mantra is getting blessings from Ketu or Drangon’s Tail to protect the wearer from all the diseases, ill effects and evil spirits. While wearing a Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl Gemstone, this Mantra must be chanted for about 108 times and then the gemstone ring or pendant should be worn. In this way , It will be ensured that the gemstone will give you the desirable results by God’s blessings. This Gemstone must be worn on  a Saturday Morning. Wear it with full belief. The Gemstone must touch the wearer’s skin to avail its full benefits.