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Cat Eye 6+ Ratti

Cat’s Eye Gemstone for Relationships:

Cat's Eye is traditionally known as the "tail of the dragon". The Indian name for cat's eye is Lehsunia or Vaiduria . It is believed that by wearing this gem one is able to subdue his enemies and is able to remove the effect of any negative forces working on him.Cat’s Eye Gemstone is a gemstone that helps create a spiritual union with your partner. The gemstone enhances the merger of spirit and body and is a very sexual gemstone. It also enhances psychic abilities, mystical experiences and divine knowledge. Just as a particular gemstone is believed to represent the month that a person is born in; there is a gemstone for every year of married life as well. This is referred to as an anniversary gem stone. Certain annivesaries like the 10th, 25th and 50th are considered to be significant for Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye and are celebrated worldwide.