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Cat Eye 9+ Ratti

How & when to wear Cat’s Eye Gemstone:

A pure cats eye stone  eleminates all obstructions due to evil spirits etc, increase monetary wealth and eliminates ailments.  It brings strength, brightness, bravery, pleasure, bliss, prosperity and off springs.The cat's eye gemstone should be worn when there are obstacles in business, fear of accidents and despair in life.

  • Cat's Eye stone should be worn on a Wednesday, under the ashvini, magha, moola nakshatras or ravipushya yog .
  • It should be set up in a ring made up of a mixture of five metals (panch dhatu).
  • It should be energised with the recitation of ketu beej mantra,  " Om Straan Striin Straun Sae: Ketveh Nameh. " 
  • Than it shall be worn on the Little Finger.
  • The gemstone should be of   5 rattis or more.
  • The ring should be changed after every three years.
  • After wearing the ring the wearer should religiously give away til, oil, blanket, clothes, seven types of grains etc with dakshina to brahmins.