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Cat Eye 10+ Ratti

Cat’s Eye Gemstone for Astrological Rings:

The gemstones never carry their side effects. In fact the gemstones hold the characteristics of their corresponding lord planet and their role in the horoscope of a human kind. Simultaneously, Cat’s eye holds the characteristics of Dragon’s tail (Ketu) and it works according to the role of Dragon’s tail (Ketu) in the horoscope of a person. When a person wears a Cat’s eye ring, the power of Dragon’s tail (Ketu) gets enhanced. Now it is depending on Dragon’s tail (Ketu) as what role it should play as per your Ascendant and Moon zodiac sign. Hence it is necessary to know your Ascendant and Moon zodiac sign before adopting Cat’s eye. Always wear this Gemstone after consulting a competent astrologer.