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Coral Fine 9+ Ratti

Uses of Coral or Moonga Gemstone in Jewellery

The coloration of Lal Moonga is permanent and the glossiness can be maintained for long, hence they are harvested for decorative use. Due to its softness and opacity, red coral beads are cut out that are commonly used in modern day jewelry. Red Coral is also used as gemstones in rings and bracelets for both men and women.

Red coral ring is said to reduce effects of Mars and hence it is suggested to be worn by people who are affected by Magal Dosha or even if they want to derive greater benefits out of a benefic Mars. It is suggested that Red Coral rings should be studded in copper before wearing. For people who do not prefer rings or want greater benefits can wear Red Coral bracelet.Red coral silver bracelet also helps people gain stability in career/marital life and have more strength and courage to face challenges.