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Coral Fine 7+ Ratti

Moonga Rashi Ratna Color Changing Stone

The skeleton-like deposit of the coral polyp, composed of calcium secreted from seawater, a coral is also found in white and yellow colors. It changes color as a warning of the ill health of its wearer. A coral protects against evil spirits and averts accidents. It is associated with marital happiness and courage. Should be removed at night. It is recommended for brides. It is believed that Coral Gemstone change its color if the native tends to be caught by any health disorder. It is beneficial to cure blood disorders, arthritis, blisters, bronchitis, backaches, chickenpox, color blindness, constipation, cramps, common cold, cataract, ear diseases, diabetes, foot trouble, fever, gallstones, gout, hay fever, hiccoughs, hernia, jaundice, malaria, measles, mumps, piles, toothaches, and prevent miscarriages.