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Ruby 4+ Ratti

Remedies Of Surya Blessed Ruby Gemstone :

Pomegranate Red Ruby (Manik)- this planet is significator of intellect, speech, memory, short travels, wisdom, intuitive power. It shows one’s mentality, analytical power and generous nature. It makes one scholar, searcher of mysticism of learning. A person whose Sun is benefic for him can be a good politician and intellectual.But a person whose Sun is malefic will be liar, gambler, boastful, conceited, talkative, cheat, unprincipled and inconsistent. Wearing of Ruby in combination of other stones ensures success in competitive exams, trade and business. Also it helps in promotion and prosperity as it enhances intellect, memory, analytical  and intellect power. It is the gemstone for Zodiac Tauras, Tauras acsendent should wear it to get blessings of Surya or Sun.It will be more beneficial if worn with diamond or white pukhraj.

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