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Pearl South Sea 7+ Ratti

Pearl Gemstone for Peace of Mind:

The crowning Glory of Indian Vedic Astrology and sacred Planetary Gemology and Gem therapy lies in their focus towards solutions to problems faced by man in day to day life situations.In Indian Vedic Astrology the planet that rules the mind and the emotions is the moon. The tides in the ocean are controlled by the gravitational pull of the moon. the Gem of the moon Natural Pearl is a boon. Natural Pearl has shown remarkable impact in achieving a positive state of mind. The pearl helps in achieving equanimity, mental peace and also helps in controlling anger. Individuals who are extra fearful or nervous also achieve a state of confidence. The deity that rules over the Moon is Lord Shiva. To further give strength to the moon and get good results and achieve a positive state of mind one should worship lord Shiva by Offering water on the Shiva Linga on a Monday Morning .