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Coral Trianglular 4+ Ratti

How to wear a triangular Coral or Moonga ?

The weight of the coral used should be at least six (some say three) carats or more, or eight, nine, eleven, or twelve carats for a ring. Coral should be set in gold mixed with copper, or, alternatively, silver. The ring should be worn first on a Tuesday, one hour after sunrise, when the moon is waxing (bright half of the lunar month). It can also be worn first on a Monday or Thursday. It should ideally be set when it is in a sign ruled by Mars, a sign friendly to Mars, during a constellation ruled by Mars or ruled by a friend of Mars. Chant the following Mantra for 108 times and wear the ring

"Om bhom bhomaya namaha om”

If you are wearing a triangular shape red coral in ring form, then the pointed side must be towards the bosy and If you are wearing it in a pendant , then the pointed side must face upwards.