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Coral Trianglular 11+ Ratti

Benefits & Meaning of Organic Coral Gemstone

According to Vedic astrology and Navagraha gemology, red coral is the gemstone of the powerful planet Mars. Planet Mars are known on several astrological names such as Kaju, Mangal, Angaraka, Chevvai, and Bhoomi Putra. It can provide numerous positive attributes such as courage, vitality, aggression, initiative, and vigor. Now, since red coral are connected to this planet it also represents all of its benefits. This includes bringing good fortune and prosperity especially if the wearer is undertaking challenges in life.  It also provides the wearer strength and bravery to face any obstacles or mile stones in life and the controlling the blood system of the wearer. A lot of people believe on the deeper meaning every gemstone aside from its typical characteristics and value. However, what you need to know is that there are a variety of methods used to find the right gemstone to wear. Since all gemstones represent a particular planet as per astrological analysis, then most probably this is a favorable way to determine what type gemstone suits you best.