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Coral Trianglular 6+ Ratti

Characteristics of Mars blessed Coral Stone :

Red coral [moonga]- it is a hot gem. Red coral is used to improve mars. A person having blessings of mars will have independent thoughts, good landed and immovable propert.Some important Characteristics of Coral are :

  1. It is believed that the light reflected by these stones have positive impact on the mind and specific organs of the body based on   planetary ruler of the gemstone. 
  2. This stone increases administrative powers, self-assurance, enhances luck in buying and selling of properties and land and applying rights in political and political arenas. 
  3. Adults are protected from ailments like small-pox, abortion, fever, typhus, piles and impotency. 
  4. Children get protection from stomach aches and rackets by wearing this stone on the neck. 
  5. Valour, ability to takes risks, handling situations and solving problems, tenaciousness and capacity to confront challenges are some of the virtues gained by an individual by wearing this gem stone.