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Coral Trianglular 10+ Ratti

Lucky Triangular Coral Gemstone for Mars

Red coral is the Jyotish gem related to Mars, which is the planet of ambition, motivation and desire.   Coral turns inactive persons into active ones, helps build finances, increases determination, courage, physical strength, forcefulness, vitality & energy, and leadership qualities, and helps one to finish the tasks he has begun.   Wearing a red coral of at least 2 carats is said to remove obstacles, avert warfare, win you over your enemies, purify the blood and cure boils.   It will make the wearer courageous yet prudent.   Red coral helps defeat mental depression, and it protects women from widowhood. It can help one get a daughter married or to find a new job.   It can help marital life. It can also help increase sexual desire, especially in men.Red coral can be substituted with carnelian of at least 5 carats.