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Coral Trianglular 3+ Ratti

Triangular Shape Coral Stone Significance :

The gemstones possess unique quality of attraction. Their color, shine and rays grab the attention of people. The person born in Aries sign should wear Coral in triangle shape to get auspicious results. Coral is not much expensive but it is very useful. If the person uses ash of Coral, his physical strength increases. It is worn to cure the diseases related to stomach. It is also believed that if a child wears the stone of coral, his health problems may get reduced. It is believed that there are some special powers in Triangular Shape Coral. If the person wears this stone, his patience level may get increased. Coral helps in defeating the enemies. If a child wears a small piece of coral, he will be protected from all the negative effects and yogas. If a person often gets scared in his dreams, he is advised to wear Coral. 

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