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Coral Trianglular 5+ Ratti

Astrological Effects of Triangle Shaped Coral Gemstone:

Red coral is ruled by Mars. Coral can be worn by those for whom Mars is lord of an auspicious house in the birth chart. A red coral stone or necklace can be worn to strengthen Mars. Those who wear red coral will be brave and defeat their enemies. Red coral helps defeat mental depression, and it protects women from widow hood. Red coral protects the wearer from evil spirits and curses, and stops nightmares. It aids meditation and brings happiness. Red coral can help one avoid violence and war. Coral turns inactive persons into active ones, helps build finances, increases determination, courage, physical strength, vitality, and leadership qualities, and helps one to finish the tasks he has begun. It can help one get a daughter married or to find a new job. It can help marital life. It can also help increase sexual desire, especially in men. It protects against witchcraft, accidents, and lightning.